You have or are planning on booking a boudoir experience, but beyond that, you are saying YES to a transformation that is all about you. You’ve challenged yourself to leap outside your comfort zone, you’ve pushed past your fears and doubts, and you have placed your trust in my process. You have made the decision to embrace this experience that I have curated just for women like you--women who want to realize their beauty in spite of insecurities, who want to reclaim their femininity, and who want to celebrate themselves just as they are.

As you walk through this season of preparing for such a special experience, I want to remind you that you are enough. No matter what your story is or what your day-to-day looks like --you are absolutely worthy of feeling seen and heard. Believe me when I tell you that you are more--more than a wife, mom, girlboss, friend, sister, daughter. You are you, first and foremost. Part of the magic in this experience is remembering the ‘AND’. You are a beautifully multi-dimensional being, my friend. You can totally be a mom, wife, employee of the month....AND sexy, AND powerful, AND smart, AND beautiful. I want you to be able to look in the mirror and always see the AND.



Elisa Mitchell Boudoir sessions may cause significant boosts in self confidence, self image and self love... Clients should be prepared for mild withdrawal symptoms and should seek additional boudoir therapy as needed.


How to book your boudoir experience

To get you on the calendar for a session with me, there are two fees to keep in mind! The Creative fee (above) and then when you purchase your images separately the same day as your session. All that is needed now to book your date, is the creative fee.

You can pay it in full or 50% now and 50% 30 days later. The session fee is non-refundable and can be applied to 1 reschedule.

The Session fee covers the following:

+ Professional Hair and Makeup (including Lashes!)

+ half a day at the studio

+ Phone Planning Consultation

+ 2 outfit changes + Nudes

+ Access to Client Glam Closet

+ Boudoir Prep-Guide PDF

+ Access to payment plan options

+ Premier Image Debut and Ordering Session

(See your images the same day!)