Mini Boudoir Films

As a studio, we're constantly looking for ways to deepen the EMS Boudoir experience. Our approach is through poetic storytelling and heartfelt documentation of women and couples.

We create your personal film diary for remembering who you are.

There will come a time when you're nostalgic for this moment, our hope is, in the most realistic way, to vividly transport you back with something you can hold forever.

Currently offered as part of our 2022 collections as an add on service for $350.

No Need to know how to ”act” or pose!


Throughout each pose, we will direct simple acts such as “look up slowly” or “run your hands over your legs” while Elisa videos small clips to add to your boudoir film.

How Long is the Film?


Each Mini Film is approx 1-3 minutes and is sent to your email as soon as it is edited. You can also purchase a luxury film album to give as a gift!

Can we add music?


Yes, as long as we have rights to the song, we can add a song to your boudoir film, Email if you need me to check about your favorite songs!