You don't have to change one thing to deserve a luxury boudoir experience!

Somewhere along the way, I think we started to confuse confidence with perfection. I honestly think that’s why so many of us lack confidence...because we’ve convinced ourselves
that it’s not something we deserve with our dimply thighs, stretch marks, extra skin, acne, wrinkles (shall I go on?).

Confidence is being able to love and celebrate yourself regardless of any other variables. & the great news?

You can decide to move through fear, and begin taking steps towards loving the skin you're in today.

You don’t have to stay stuck.
You don’t have to live miserable.
You don’t have to settle for your current circumstances.
You don’t have to believe the lie that it just wasn’t in the cards for you.

You just have to make a decision that you are going to work for it, and that you are willing to show up imperfectly.
Holding out for perfection will always leave you feeling unfulfilled.
There is a world full of rich experiences and possibilities out there waiting for you, if only you will just show up as you are.
It is yours, go take it.

You don't have to do it alone.

Confidence is a decision you can make at any time.


Explore your Sensuality
through Boudoir Photography


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Ya know, a place to check in, get support, make friends, and vibe with females who just want to love themselves a little more? My little corner of the Internet is a body-positive environment where you can be yourself in a judgement-free zone!
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A boudoir session with me isn't really about the hair/makeup (though my artist is killer), it isn't about the outfits (though I do have a beautiful Client Wardrobe Closet that you can borrow from)...heck, it isn't even really about the images (those are a super sexy bonus).

It's really about healing. Cause the thing is: I can't 'fix' the things/people/circumstances that have hurt you. This isn't magic, and I don't have a wand (though I really wish I did!).

What I can do is walk the road with you as you do the work to HEAL. The beauty of this experience isn't solely in the photographs. The reason I believe in boudoir so much is because I know how powerful it is to see yourself from a set of eyes that see the best in you. It's in having a set of ULTIMATE HYPE GIRLS to cheer you on while you roll around in a tank and fishnets and laugh at my dance moves. It's in doing something you didn't think you could do, and ROCKING IT.

You don't need/have to have someone in your life to have a boudoir experience. This is about you, and for you.

Your body--no matter how tall, short, curvy, skinny, younger, older.. simply a form that I pose into artwork. 

Why Boudoir?


Sultry Couples

I’ve been waiting for you.
Call it fate or the power of Google...our paths have finally crossed, and I’m over here doing the most epic happy dance in celebration of this new friendship we’ve got goin’ on. Let’s get to know each other on a first name basis! I’ll start:

I’m Elisa (waving big at you!).
I drink coffee to wake up, and whiskey to wind down. I’d choose a big bowl of cereal over a fancy schmancy steak.
Music with a beat gets me out of my seat.
I’m a wife & mama. I am a boudoir photographer ...and the fiercest hype girl you will ever have.


"Her studio was so beautiful, I can't wait to go back for a couples session!"

Elisa is phenomenal. She keeps things very professional while making you feel comfortable and absolutely beautiful. I couldn't have been happier with the photos either. She made me feel like a superstar!!!

be bold!

- Shannon

"Worth the entire investment!"

I had just went through a really bad divorce and wanted to learn to love myself after so many years of abuse. My friend told me she had a session with Elisa. I was nervous at first but took the plunge and booked my shoot. At the image reveal, I literally started crying because I couldn't believe that was me! I am so glad I was brave and did this for me!

- Marissa

Booking a Boudoir shoot with Elisa is a worthwhile experience, and I highly recommend it to all women. 

I can only say great things about my boudoir experience with Elisa. She is friendly and professional. She is very involved in the process from beginning to end. She assists with picking what to wear, how to pose, and what products best suit you. Her work is beautiful, and skills as a photographer are unmatched.

- Anne

Reviews from past clients

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